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My art is an expression of the possibilities of what can happen when I choose to let go.

I am inspired by color, energy and the simple art of imagination.

I have decided to be Creative. Colorful. Loud.

I want to invite the viewer to share the experience of letting go and creating something new from the magic of their imagination.
A Charlotte native, Dana Starensier has over 14 years experience designing on a digital platform. Graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design, Dana has worked to maintain a career in the Graphics Industry. She has created candy wrapper illustrations, magazine design and stays busy coloring outside the lines..

hello. I'm dana





real moments


gorgeous florals

Specializing in Graphic Design, art is my passion. Let me create your imagination into a digital platform. Believe in things you can not see.

Logos + marketing + websites + branding materials + art. Imagine the possibilities. My imagination is my superpower.

I believe in the power of the process.

 design philosophy