I'm Dana
Artist. Designer. Yoga Teacher and Magic Maker.

Design is a journey.
It's a process of creating and transforming, altering and becoming.

It's a journey well worth the splattered paint and mess.
Decide your vision.
I will help you get there.
Choose your own adventure. 

It’s not enough these days to JUST have a website. Or just a logo. You need the whole package to stand out against the competition. Your brand needs presence.

It's a process. Let's begin.

Your Design Must Have a Voice.

Let's Create 

Let's Begin building your brand

There is an algorithm to standing out among the competition. The code is specific to your brand.  Let me crack the code and guide you to stand out in a world of competitive brands 

Specializing in Graphic Design since 2004, let's translate your vision into a digital platform.

Believe in things you can not see.

The Hustle is 

A few of my favorite things


Playing with Color


The Beach

Cats (I have 4!)



Lets make MAGIC together


Almost there!

Let's Stay Connected!


Creating is what I do.